In the area of financial statement audit we offer:

Statutory financial statement audit

Consolidated financial statement audit

Drawing up of financial statements and consulting

Drawing up of financial statements pursuant to international accounting standards

Drawing up of consolidated financial statements

Verification of use of the taxpayer’s funds /2% of tax liability/

Verification of use of the EU grants

Proposal and elaboration of company internal regulations

Cooperation in elaboration of annual report of the company

Person Holding Magnifying Glass Over Audit Text

The audit obligation arises from the provision of Article 19 of the Act No. 431/2002 Coll. on Accounting, as amended, pursuant to which individual financial statements must be audited if the accounting entity:

  1. is an enterprise that is required to create share capital or it is a cooperative that has fulfilled at least two of the following conditions in the year preceding the year of the audited financial statements:
  2. company and cooperative,which equities are marketable on regulated stock-exchange,
  • its total assets exceeded EUR 1,000,000; total assets being defined as total assets ascertained from the balance sheet before adjustments by items specified in section 26(3),
  • its net turnover exceeded EUR 2,000,000; net turnover being understood for this purpose as revenues from sales of own products and goods and from the provision of services,
  • the average calculated number of employees exceeded 30 in a particular accounting period,
  1. is subject to this requirement under a separate regulation,
  1. should prepare its financial statements in accordance with section 17a.

Audit, consolidations

Provided services are based on professional auditors, which personally know the principles of operation of companies in Slovakia within existing accounting and tax legislation. Audit services of our company are connected to international audit standards as well as to applicable legislation of the Slovak republic. Apart from standard audits we verify and provide assistance in drawing up of consolidated financial statements.

Special audits

We provide our clients also with the so called in-depth audits of management of selected companies, e.g. from the point of view of shareholder’s protection and management, in connection to acquisitions of the company, its transformation to other legal forms etc.

Annual reports

Since on the basis of our legislation there is an obligation to audit annual reports before publishing, this service is a part of our contracts on audit activities for every client.

Plan of work

Almost all audit contracts have continuous character. We begin with audit tests after conclusion of audit contract. The periodicity of our visits shall be agreed personally with respective employees, taking into account time requirements and securing verification of all documents to the final financial statement.


From the point of view of guarantee for provided audit services we can state, that this obligation arises from the regulation of the Slovak Chamber of Auditors and the Act on Auditors. Our company meets this obligation every year by conclusion of insurance contract.

Remuneration for services

The price for elaboration of audit statement to accounting statements for current year is based mainly on hour rates of our company, which are on standard level for these works. The limit of the total price for audit shall be subject to individual agreement of representatives of both companies /according to declared number of documents, achieved turnover and risks of accounting transactions).