Accounting, tax and economical optimization

Apart from audit services we arrange also optimization of tax matters of your company for the current year within the offer of professional services, in case you are interested in long-term cooperation also for future periods. Sahesa s.r.o. will submit to you findings and recommendations in the area of accounting  matters for discussion of their application to tax basis of audited year.

Methodical guide, changes of legislation

We are able to arrange you with future requirements for solution of tax circuits always in the shortest possible time and at the same time to inform you about changes in legislation, which may influence your business activities.

Financial analysis

Based on our long-term experience we know that not every company has its own analyst focusing on system analysis of the company’s management. A part of our services is also this kind of analysis, which is highly appreciated by our clients and helps them to draw up annual reports for publication as well as presentation of the company at general meetings, board meetings etc.

Refund of VAT

Within our services we are able to secure refund of VAT from the European Union states. If you have an obligation to be registered in these states, we secure also complex registration.

Act on Economic Competition

One of our divisions deals with matters of the Act on Economic Competition, within which we offer consulting in the area of concentration (merger), cartel agreements and market-dominating enterprises on relevant market.