To secure professionalism in the area of accounting, our employees as well as assistant of auditor participate directly to accounting of business entities. We keep books externally, on the basis of reliability, high quality and flexibility. Professionalism of our accountants is confirmed by certificates of the Chamber of Auditors, which secures continuous trainings in the area of new legislative standards. The long-term loyalty of our clients is a proof of this.

Extent of provided services

  • Double-entry and single-entry bookkeeping
  • Processing of documents and VAT record-keeping, road tax
  • Salary and personal administration: wages calculation, their record, processing of statements for insurance companies, drawing up of annual account of advance payment for tax from dependant activity, annual account of health insurance
  • Communication with insurance companies, ELDZ (registered certificate of pension security), various confirmations for employees
  • Processing of statistical compilations for National Bank, statistical offices, Intrastat
  • Drawing up of annual financial statements and income tax return for natural and legal persons, communication with tax offices
  • We also perform bookkeeping after liquidation of companies
  • We secure reconstruction of accounting records

We process the accounting agenda according to requirements of our clients, with our own software and in our econimical office. The objective of our company is to provide not only services based on simple and automatic information, but also services that are in particular contribution to growth and dynamic development of our client´s company.

Representation in taxation procedure

Within the representation in taxation procedure on the basis of power of attorney issued by the client, we deal with tax office and execute requests for extension of period for submission of tax return, we represent our client in case of tax search, we provide address for delivery of documents and prepare appeals and requests for reopening of procedure etc.

Registration of taxpayers of income tax, tax from dependent activity and value added tax

Within 30 days as of the date of its origin the taxpayer shall be obliged to register at respective tax office for the purpose of paying income tax, and in case of compliance with certain criteria stated by law, the taxpayer shall be obliged to register for the purposes of paying of value added tax. Within the registration service, we provide timely registration as well as other requirements on behalf of our clients on the basis of full power of attorney.

Remuneration for services

Remuneration for external bookkeeping is based on number of documents per month and number of employees. The price shall be stated on the basis of agreement with our client, the price shall include consulting in the current year


Our comapny is insured against risk of any discrepancies in the area of bookkeeping. We haven´t used this insurance until today, which is a real success when we consider such frequently changing legislative conditions in the SR. We will be pleased to secure the fulfilment of your requirements so that you can profit from our services as much as possible. We are looking forward to your cooperation and the possibility to deminstrate you our expert services.